Company Profile

Jagular Industry Ltd. has been established in 1986. Base on the excellent technologies and R&D capability, we manufacture and provide a wide range of high quality grinding machines for various grinding applications. In order to provide our customers’ more selection and better services, we have been continuously enhancing our grinding technique and improving the mechanism design. In the beginning, we manufactured punch grinder and various internal and external grinding machines. After over 30 years’ continuous effort, we now can manufacture full range of CNC internal and cylindrical grinding machines, CNC internal grinding machine, CNC cylindrical grinding machine, CNC centerless grinding machine, variety of precision micro internal and external grinding machine and precision knife grinder. The most variety of grinding machines can satisfy all our clients. We sell our grinding machine under the brand name “JAGURA” all over the world. Based on the excellent mechanism design, customized capability and software development, Jagura has become one of the most professional grinding machine manufactures in Taiwan.

Future Prospect

JAGURA strides forward for the world standard profession with techniques, quality and services. During these years, Jagura has devoting to developing the new models via the join venture with an American company, Jagura provides the simple and convenient processing tools particularly in the profile grinding for Tungsten Carbide die inner hole. Now there is an outstanding performance in the non-round grinding for punches. Jagura has devoted himself to developing better solutions and getting successful outcome as well. For the product development in the near future, Jagura will develop the large scale Internal Grinding Machine, Cylindrical Grinding Machine and Customized Grinding Machine. Regarding the sales channels, in order to increase the market share in the world and provide a better consultation and services to our customers all over the world just in time, we will actively and continuously establish more sales channels around the world.

Business Ideology

  • To keep the advanced technologies and production efficiency: By strengthening the competition ability and the leading techniques.
  • To develop the new products: Develop the high technique machines according to the principle of “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Step into the new grinding field and start the new business opportunities
  • To enhance the vertical integration of products: Let our company to be the superior leader in the grinding field. To produce many types of high quality and high precision grinding machines to provide our customers’ selection.
  • Be aggressive to build up the sales channel: Searching for the reliable and ambitious agents all over the world and cooperating with them via joining the professional machinery shows as many as possible. Furthermore, setting up more service locations and doing our endeavors to promote Jagura grinding machine around the world.
  • Customer satisfaction: To meet our customers' needs by providing the exquisite technique, superior quality, best services, building the bilateral communication channels and providing the total solutions.