Precision Micro External Grinding Machine aptotic

Precision Micro External Grinding Machine aptotic


JAG-02 | JAG-02SP



High Concentric Easy To Operate


Standard Accessories
  • Grinding Wheel (Ø100 x Ø25.4x20t ) x1pc
  • Grinding Wheel Flange x1pc
  • Flange Washers x 1pc
  • Flange Extractorx x 1pc
  • Tool Box and Accessories x 1set
  • Radius and Accessories x 1set


  • River Punch
  • Step Punch
  • Related Micro Precision Mandrels


Optional Attachments:
  • Extension Support (400mm long maximum)
  • ±45° Swivel Head
  • Collet Type Work Head (ER32)
  • Angle Dresser
  • Coolant System
  • Vacuum Dust Collector
  • Optical Meter


Optional Attachments:


Model JAG-02 JAG02SP
Clamping diameters Ø1- Ø25mm Ø1- Ø25mm
max. travel front to back 40mm 40mm
left to right 70mm 70mm
Roller speed 180 rpm 0 -380 rpm
Swivel angle ±5° ±5°
Spindle speed 7500 rpm 0-12000 rpm
Main Motor 3/4HP ,3Ø 3/4HP ,3Ø
900x700 900x700
x 1400mm x 1400mm
Weight 160 Kgs 180 Kgs
Working range (OD) Ø0.3- Ø25mm Ø0.3- Ø25mm


sample image