NC Micro internal Grinding Machine rectifiable

NC Micro internal Grinding Machine rectifiable





High Concentric Easy To Operate.


Standard Accessories
  • Ø3mm Collet x 1pc
  • Ø6mm Collet x 1pc
  • Nut(M14xP0.75) x1pc
  • Tool Box and Accessories x 1set


  • Guide Bushes, Screw Mold Inner Hole
  • #15k,#20and#25 Collet for Automatic Lathes
  • Drill-clamping and Tapping Collets for Automatic Lathes
  • Collets for pneumatic Tools
  • ER-series Collets
  • Industrial Needles (1.635mm, 2.03mm)


Optional Attachments:
  • Extension Support (400mm long maximum )
  • 45 Swivel Head
  • Coolant System
  • Vacuum Dust Collector
  • Enlarge-Type Roller Head (Max.dia 65mm)
  • Enlarge_Type Internal Grinding Spindle (12000rpm~18000rpm)


Optional Attachments:


Model JAG-03-AAL JAG-03-AL JAG-03-SP
Clamping diameters Ø1.5-Ø40mm Ø1.5-Ø40mm Ø1.5-Ø40mm
Max. clamped unit length 120mm 120mm 120mm
max. travel front to back 40mm 40mm 40mm
left to right 150mm 150mm 85mm
Cross feeding graduation 0.0025mm 0.0025mm 0.005mm
Table speed 0-4m/min 0-4m/min ---------
Roller speed 0-380 rpm 0-380 rpm 0-380 rpm
Swivel angle ±5° ±5° ±5°
Feeding method front to back automatic manual manual
left to right automatic automatic manual
Spindle speed 0-55000 rpm 0-55000 rpm 0-55000 rpm
Main Motor Roller 25W 25W 25W
Spindle 1HP 1HP 1HP
front to back 25W ---- ----
left to right 2PHx 2A 2PHx 2A ----
1000x800 1000x800 900x700
x1480mm x1480mm x1400mm
Weight 630 Kgs 610 Kgs 240 Kgs
Working range (inner hole) Ø1-Ø32mm Ø1-Ø32mm Ø1-Ø32mm


sample image